Memoirs of Emotion: Dive Deep into the Human Heart with Live Poets Society

Join 'Memoirs of Emotion' with Live Poets Society, an evocative poetry festival on Instagram celebrating human emotions and authentic expression.

Memoirs of Emotion: Dive Deep into the Human Heart with Live Poets Society
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There's a rhythm in every heartbeat, a poem in every tear, a story behind every gaze. The pulse of human emotions, those raw, unspoken feelings that we often bury deep, beckons to be shared, celebrated, and cherished.

Live Poets Society warmly invites you to "Memoirs of Emotion," a poetic festival on Instagram. It's more than just an event; it's an embrace. An embrace of emotions, shared vulnerabilities, and irreplaceable human connection.

Joining This Soulful Sojourn

  1. Daily Echoes: Each day throughout October, we'll unveil a theme that reflects the universal emotions we all feel. Dive into your heart's deepest corners, and let your soul spill onto paper.
  2. Flex Your Writing Muscle: Embrace this as a daily ritual. Push your boundaries, explore new poetic forms, and challenge your expressive limits. Every day is an opportunity to grow, refine, and discover newfound depths in your writing.
  3. Share with the World: Post your poetic heartbeats on Instagram. As you do, tag us at and use the hashtag #MemoirsOfEmotion. Let the world resonate with your voice. The pieces that touch us deeply will shine brightly on our platform.

Human Touch in a Digital Age

In an era where screens often outshine the stars, and algorithms try to replicate the human touch, we urge you to let your authentic voice sing. AI has its brilliance, but nothing—absolutely nothing—can replicate the tremble in your voice, the tear on your page, the history in your words. Embrace imperfections. For it’s these beautiful, raw edges that allow us to truly touch a soul and connect deeply with our lines.

Why Dive into "Memoirs of Emotion"?

  • Celebrate Shared Humanity: In our collective verses, find the shared essence of joys, sorrows, hopes, and dreams.
  • Community and Kinship: When you tag, you're not just sharing words; you're sharing a piece of your heart, joining hands with kindred spirits from around the world.
  • Real Emotions, Real Connections: Your words, imbued with raw emotions, can stir, heal, uplift, and resonate. That's the transformative magic of human-penned poetry.

An Open Letter to You

Your life, your stories, and your heartbeats matter. "Memoirs of Emotion" is not just an invitation; it's a gentle whisper, urging you to share, to connect, to heal, and to celebrate. Your voice, unique and precious, has a place in this vast universe. Let it echo. Let it touch. Let it heal.

Take our hand, and together, let’s journey through the myriad landscapes of the human heart. Every sigh, every tremor, every hope awaits its verse. warmly awaits your stories.

Here are our prompts. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

  1. Heartbeats Unheard
  2. Silence Between Words
  3. Embrace of Memory
  4. Tears in the Rain
  5. Laughter's Echo
  6. Secrets of the Heart
  7. Whispers of Regret
  8. First Love's Flutter
  9. Solitude's Symphony
  10. Shadows of Doubt
  11. Hope's Horizon
  12. Fragments of Dreams
  13. Joy in the Mundane
  14. The Weight of Goodbye
  15. Comfort in Familiarity
  16. Longing for Yesterday
  17. The Dance of Chance
  18. Moments of Stillness
  19. Bonds Unbroken
  20. Fears Unspoken
  21. Glimmers of Tomorrow
  22. Nostalgia's Gaze
  23. Embers of Passion
  24. Childhood Innocence
  25. Breath of Relief
  26. Scars of Time
  27. Burden of Unfulfilled Dreams
  28. Tenderness in Turmoil
  29. Promise of Dawn
  30. Journey of Self-Discovery
  31. Resilience in Ruin