Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 5: Unmortricken

A Tumultuous Tale of Revenge and Realization

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 5: Unmortricken
Credits: Adult Swim (Screenshot from the latest episode captured on Netflix)

It's time to dive into the latest mind-bending escapade from our favorite interdimensional misfits. Season 7 Episode 5, dubbed "Unmortricken," has left fans and critics alike absolutely spellbound. And for all the right reasons! Spoiler alert btw!

The Plot Thickens and Twists

"Unmortricken" brings back two of the series' most formidable antagonists, Rick Prime and Evil Morty, in what's being hailed as one of the season's most action-packed and lore-heavy episodes​​. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill Rick and Morty adventure; it's a deep dive into the dark themes of revenge and its futility.

The episode's plot is both intense and complex, featuring Rick and Morty's reluctant alliance with Evil Morty to hunt down Rick Prime, a villain on a gruesome mission against his own kind. It delves into the consequences of revenge, echoing the hard-hitting message we've seen in narratives like "The Last of Us Part II," but with a more violent twist​​.

Acting Prowess on Full Display

The voice acting in "Unmortricken" deserves a standing ovation. Harry Belden and Ian Cardoni step into their roles with remarkable skill, playing multiple versions of Rick and Morty. Belden's portrayal of both Morty and Evil Morty is particularly striking, as he nuances their characters to highlight their contrasting personalities​​.

A Gruesome Climax

Rick Prime's demise is as gory as it gets (but we doubt if he is really gone), with a visceral brutality that marks a turning point in the show's history. This bloodbath underscores the ultimate emptiness of revenge, a theme that resonates throughout the episode​​.

An Unexpected Lesson in the Post-Credits

In a surprising twist, the post-credits scene deviates from its usual comedic tone to offer a poignant moment. It parallels Rick's journey with that of Uncle Slow's widow, who also seeks revenge. However, her story ends differently, as she finds new love and abandons her quest for vengeance, providing a heartrending look at what Rick's life could have been​​.

Fan Reactions: A Mix of Shock and Awe

The fanbase is abuzz with reactions, ranging from shock to sheer amazement. Some fans expressed surprise at the early return of Evil Morty​​, while others were thrilled at the discovery of Rick Prime​​. Many agree that this episode tops the season, with its jaw-dropping content and "Endgame" vibes​​​​.

Our Take: A Bold Stroke in the "Rick and Morty" Canvas

"Unmortricken" isn't just another episode; it's a bold, bloody brushstroke on the canvas of "Rick and Morty." It challenges viewers with its raw depiction of violence and its profound commentary on revenge. The dual performance of Belden and Cardoni adds depth to this chaotic universe, showcasing the series' ability to evolve and surprise.

This episode does more than entertain; it provokes thought and emotion, pushing the boundaries of what we've come to expect from the show. It's a testament to the writers' and actors' skill, seamlessly blending dark themes with the show's characteristic absurdity.

So, what's your take on "Unmortricken"? Love it, hate it, or are you still trying to wrap your head around it? Let's open the portal to discussion in the comments below! And remember, in the words of our beloved Rick, "Wubba lubba dub dub!" 🚀🌌

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