This IIT, IIM grad did NOT get the one crore placement package

Dive into the exaggerated world of CTC placements at IIT & IIM. Discover why not all hefty packages are what they seem and how the media loves the glitz.

This IIT, IIM grad did NOT get the one crore placement package

Cue dramatic music - Imagine waking up, an IIT and IIM graduate, and not finding a one crore CTC (Cost To Company) package offer in your inbox. The horror, the sheer audacity! But before you hold a candlelight vigil for this underappreciated individual, let's pull back the curtain and take a peek into the glitzy, exaggerated world of placement packages.

The “Incredible” World of CTC

Firstly, CTC, which should stand for "Confusing The Candidate," is often grossly inflated. Some companies (not naming any names, but you know who you are – looking at you, some top tech and consulting firms) throw in everything but the kitchen sink. These include bonuses you'll only get if you turn water into wine, insurance, or stock benefits that apply if a blue moon coincides with Friday the 13th, and food coupons that, let’s be honest, won’t get you past a month of daily coffees. Let's not forget taxes!

So, your real salary isn't CTC/12. It probably isn't even CTC/24 in some cases.

Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Now, let's address the pachyderm in the room. Why does the media revel in stories of the one student who got a package that equals the GDP of a small country? Because, dear readers, sensationalism sells. "Hundreds Secure Standard Packages" doesn’t quite have the same zing as "This Student Bags 2 Crore Package!"

When Every Tom, Dick, and Harish Gets the Same Package

Speaking of the masses, did you know that across India, 100s of students secure fairly standard packages? Indeed, these are the real heroes, the backbone of our industries. But alas! Their tales remain untold, overshadowed by the one golden boy or girl who secured that inflated CTC. In reality, all the ~100 students from all over the country, IIT, NIT or not, hired by the same company would have got identical packages.

Educating the Enthusiastic Aunties and Uncles

Now for the million (or should we say crore) rupee question: How do we get our neighborhood gossip-mongers, Aunties and Uncles, to understand the intricacies of placements?

  1. The 'Ghar Ka Khana' Analogy: Explain CTC like you'd explain home-cooked food. The dish might look like a lavish biryani, but sometimes it’s just pulao with a fancy garnish. The real value? Only known once tasted.
  2. Bollywood Style: All those dramatic movies where the hero looks rich but is actually poor? Just like that! A big CTC doesn't mean a big take-home salary.
  3. Break it Down: Just like explaining why their WhatsApp forwards aren’t always true, explain CTC. Use simple words, infographics, or even puppets if you have to!

In conclusion, as tempting as it is to gasp, gawk, and gossip about massive placement packages, let’s remember that all that glitters isn’t gold (or, in this case, cold hard cash). Let's celebrate every student's achievement, and remember, it's the skills, experience, and passion that matter – not just a number on paper.